Flag Display - 10.5' Small Falcon Flag

Flag Display - 10' Small Feather Flag
Small Feather Flag
• Full color print
• Images on single-sided flags will appear in reverse on the backside.
• If you need your image to appear the same on each side you will want to order a double-sided flag.
• This display will withstand moderate winds and weather and can be set up in just a few minutes.
• Includes carrying bag that will fit the flag and stand neatly inside.
• Flags that are used in fair weather conditions are expected to last up to a year.

Base Options:
• X-Base: Sits on flat surfaces indoors or out and can be weighted with a water bag.
• Ground Spikes: Designed so they can be driven into dirt or grass.
• Flat Base: Better to use this indoors over the X base because it is less of a tripping hazard.
More Information
Production Time 5-7 Business Days

Compatible file extensions to upload: jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff, psd, ai, pdf, eps, zip

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