3D Foam Stage Letters

3D Foam Stage Letters
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These foam letters make a perfect prop for a stage or event. We have a number of options depending on the purpose/manner in which they are displayed.

Please see the pricing calculator below to see pricing and options. ‍Also see more pictures below.

If the letters are being placed in an area where they are not being touched or handled often then you can just use raw Styrofoam. If durability is a concern we have a hard-coating option where we spray polyurea (bedliner coating) on the letters to give them a thick and durable shell.

Letters can be painted with a standard outdoor latex house paint. They can be painted as raw Styrofoam or after a hard-coating.

A great way to improve the aesthetics is applying printed faces to the front. If the letters are raw Styrofoam we have a budget solution for this where we can place printed adhesive vinyl on the face of the letters. We also have a premium option of adding Rigid Printed faces to the front of the letters (Rigid Printed faces can be added to both hard-coated and raw foam letters).